Steve Smith

Steve "Smitty" Smith

Steve Smith has been deeply involved in the engineering, design and testing of R&D simulators and FSTD’s for 47 years”.   He started with FSTDs specifically when he arrived at RSL in Mar 1987; back at the Gov’t Aircraft Factory in Melbourne (Aus.), it was all R&D simulation, and did involve analysing flight test data for missiles and drones to improve the simulation match..

Steve’s experience includes;

  • EASA Flight Simulator Technical Inspector – Initial & Recurrent Qualifications​
  • Aircraft and Simulator Test Section Management  – Airline/Flight Operations, Cathay Pacific Airlines
  • Airworthiness Flight Test – AFT schedule development, test flight crew
    • Airbus A300, A330, A340-300/600
    • Boeing B747-200/300/400/-8F, B777-RR/GE, A320 (FFS only)
    • 475+hr Airbus Airworthiness Flight Test crew
    • A300:166hr, A330:142hr, A340:166hr
    • 420+hr Boeing Airworthiness Flight Test crew
    • B747-200/300/400: 220hr
    • B747-8F: 25hr
    • B777-200/300/300ER: 175hr
  • AFM management (airworthiness responsibilities)
  • FFS Inspection (as Regulator [HKCAD])
  • FFS acceptance/development (as Customer/Operator)
  • FFS acceptance test development (as Supplier) (internal QC function)
  • FFS design/development/qualification (Autoflight Systems) – A320 FFS at Rediffusion Simulation Ltd, UK
  • RAAF trainer aircraft handling qualities design (MIL-8785C)
  • R&D flight simulation (including hardware-in-loop)
  • Aircraft, guided weapon, target drone design/development (automatic flight control systems, aircraft systems Flight Test Engineer experience)