Latest Schedule - FSTD Evaluators' Courses

The following is what we are currently considering or have planned for courses in the upcoming months.  We conduct courses on a demand basis, so please note that unless a course is identified as "Confirmed", then it is awaiting confirmation of sufficient students to make it viable.  Please do not let that deter you from registering your interest as the only way we will be able to confirm a course is if you say you would like to consider attending !!

Location   Date  Duration
Status Space
Dubai July 6 & 3 In Planning Available
Doha Q2/Q3 6 & 3 Being
Farnborough, UK Sept 3 - 7 5 & 3 Confirmed Available
Hong Kong October 6 & 3 In Planning Available
Singapore Nov 26 - Dec 1 6 & 3 Confirmed Available
Delhi  TBD 6 & 3 Being
Amsterdam  January 2019 5 & 3 Planned Available
Nadi, Fiji  May 2019 6 & 3 In Planning Available

If you would like to be registered for any of these courses, or be notified of new courses, please contact us