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Visual Database Generation Layers
April 11, 2020This graphic demonstrates the relationship between the different layers of data required to build a modern visual database.
Visual Systems
Visual & Motion cues in the real world and in FSTD’s
April 17, 2020Papers were presented by the author, Ian W Strachan MBE AFC FRAeS, to conferences organised by the Royal Aeronautical Society Flight Simulation Group in London in April 1987, November 1989 and May 1990. These papers were entitled “Future Flight Simulation”, “Visual and motion Cueing” and “Future Helicopter Simulation”. The papers were refined to concentrate on cueing and expanded with more detail. In this form, a paper was presented at the Royal Aeronautical Society in May 1995. A further update was presented at the I/ITSEC training and simulation conference in Orlando, USA, in December 1997.  Subsequently the paper has been expanded and updated regularly with new information and distributed to those interested in simulator cueing, the latest revision in January 2014. Extra diagrams and material on visual cueing have been added, and new simulator test results incorporated in Annex G as they became available.
Motion & Control Loading, Reference material, Visual Systems