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Course Notes – Installations & Facilities

– Many neophyte organizations do not know that  how a FSTD is installed and making sure the installed device meets local, national and international standards is as much a part of getting the device qualified as it meeting, say, validation tests.  This paper is a review of the requirements and is intended as a refresher for graduates of TTI’s FSTD Evaluators Course.  It is provided here courtesy of Andy Ramsden, one of TTI’s core instructors.

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A review of ICAO Document 9625

– ICAO Document 9625 iss. 3 & 4 
Manual of Criteria for the Qualification of FSTD  (MCQFSTD) is an extremely valuable document yet one of the most misunderstood in the world of FSTDs.

Issues 3 & 4 of this Document are the latest of a series that was first introduced in 1992. If there is one thing that readers of this handout should remember and understand, is that 9625 is not a Regulatory Document nor a Rule.  It is, instead, a set of criteria that has been agreed by International Working Groups (IWG- A & IWG-H) and which are expected to be adopted by National Aviation Authorities (NAA) in their Regulations and Rules.  These, latter, will take the Document’s criteria and add to them the administrative requirements peculiar to that Nation or State.

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FSTD Evaluators Course Q & A Review

FSTD Evaluators Course Q & A Review (rev: 181211)

This PowerPoint presentation is a series of questions and answers on the topics that we cover in our FSTD Evaluators Course.  It is by no means a comprehensive review of everything that is taught, but it can act as a simple means of reviewing some of the key items discussed.  This presentation gets changed as we think of new Q & A’s or revisions, so please check back here to make sure you have the latest revision.

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