Crawley, UK (GECAT) – August 2007

Graduates & Instructors (l to r)

Ollie Hanninen (Finnish CAA), Kab Sung Kim (Korean CASA), Capt. Dick Adcock (GECAT), Ralf Kaltenbach (Swiss FOCA), Joe DePaola (TTI), Student #6, Jin (Justin) Choi (Korean CASA), Murph Morrison (TTI), Peter Fagan (GECAT), Jae Kab Hwang (Korean CASA), Don Irving (TTI), Alan Tang (Singapore CAA), Capt. Chen Chye (Singapore CAA), A. N. Other, Capt. C. H. Hoh (Singapore CAA)

Taking photo – Robert (Bob) Earp (TTI)

We apologize for not being able to identify some of the students in the picture.  Should you be able to help us put names to faces, please contact us.