Crawley, UK (GECAT) – October 2006

Graduates & Instructors (not in order)

John Bewley (GECAT), Capt. John Sanders (GECAT), Capt. Brian Bradley (GECAT), Capt. James Leach (GECAT), Capt. Robert Katon (GECAT), J. Mills (GECAT), Capt. James Phethean (GECAT), Neil Davey (GECAT), Richard Coomey (GECAT), Brian Back (GECAT), Robert Lole (GECAT), Colin Bascombe (GECAT), David Huw Page (GECAT), Joe DePaola (TTI), Brian Hampson (TTI), Murph Morrison (TTI),

Taking photo: Robert (Bob) Earp (TTI)

We apologize for not being able to identify the students in the picture in order. Should you be able to help us put names to faces, please contact us.

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