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  • The recent EASA on-line information session on their new draft of CS-FSTD Issue 3 was very informative but obviously with a change of such magnitude we were left with a plethora of questions that need answering.  As more information becomes available we will be letting you know here, so check back regularly !!
  • We have found another very useful EASA on-line page that lists a number of Application Forms, and their Document Library, so we added a convenient link to it on our Links page
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We are a unique consortium of flight operations, training, and engineering professionals located world-wide. Our expertise is regularly sought by international entities, including National Aviation Authorities, training centres, FSTD operators, manufacturers, military organizations, international working groups, universities, and government bodies.

We specialize in consulting on the evaluation and qualification of FSTD’s and also provide the only hands-on  FSTD Evaluators course.

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Patrick Desmet, NATO E3A Pilot Instructor

Singapore CAA

The instructors knowledge is well beyond the scope of this course and all questions were answered admirably well . Excellent balance of lectures, practical demonstration, FSTD hands on exercises and report writing.

Captain Harry LIM - Flight Operations Inspector
CAAS - Singapore

Latvia CAA

…. I also want to thank you and your colleagues for the one of the best courses I’ve ever had, it was very informative, good prepared and pure.

Tomas Christauskas
Latvia CAA


The course does not need any improvement!!   The timeframe is perfect to provide a general theoretical overview on the subject as well as to get first impressions on the practical parts by performing hands-on training.
I’d like to thank each of the Instructors (Bob, Andy and Malcolm) for their great knowledge and social competence, their patience, their humorous way of explaining things to the audience and their impressive demonstration of how a course should be run in terms of methodology and didactics!  This was definitely one of the best courses (if not the best) I’ve ever been to.  It was a great pleasure and a great honour to get to know these three instructors.

Daniel Tannert
Bundeswehr, Germany

Cathay Pacific Airways

Unbelievable knowledge !  Absolutely fantastic to be taught by the best.  Thank you very much for taking the time to answer all of my numerous questions…

Capt. Benjamin Barton - FSTD Evaluation Pilot
Cathay Pacific Airways

Hong Kong Government Flying Services

It is a very intensive course which basically covers everything about a FSTD.  The course covered every area of the FSTD, from the motion system to the Compliance Monitoring System. As an operator in the future it provided us confidence to operate a FFS and comply with all required regulations
The instructors are surely knowledgeable. They are able to answer any questions asked by the students. The Instructors sometimes shared real stories and personal experiences which enables the course content more easily understandable.
Hard copies and Soft copies of the manuals and documents were provided which is very helpful for revision. Apart from that, we had chances to operate a CAD level D FFS and study the corresponding MQTG. It is very useful to practice on a real level D FFS.

Captain Jim Tang - Helicopter Pilot
Hong Kong Government Flying Services

Royal Netherlands Navy

The course covered all the required information in a very clear and understandable manner, and was well orientated towards the evaluation of helicopter synthetic training devices.  A subtle balance, well appreciated, was found, by the instructors between theoretical and hands on training. The instruction was very clear and easy to follow. The course material was very complete and will be read frequently after the course. We are confident that the FSTD Evaluators’ Course will significantly help the NLMod in the future evaluations of military synthetic training devices.

Cdr. J. Kunst
Royal Netherlands Navy

Swiss Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA)

Many thanks to you & your TTI team for the great course in VIE. It was fantastic!

Simon Laub - Inspector, Flight Simulation Training Devices
Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA) Switzerland

Boeing Defence UK

I felt that the course was extremely well constructed.
I don’t think there are any other instructors as knowledgeable on their subjects!!

…. Overall I thought that the course was superb. Thank you very much!

Richard J. Gibb BSc(Hons)
Boeing Defence UK

CAA of Singapore

Overall a good course conducted by knowledgeable, engaging & professional instructors. I enjoyed it. Well done TTI.

Director of Airworthiness
Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore

Cathay Pacific Airlines

The course was great, learnt a lot about FSTD evaluation but the best element was the fact that the instructors all have vast experience in their areas of expertise and were confident in discussing a wide range of topics, including the difficult ones.

Capt. Dominique Ho
Cathay Pacific Airlines

Bundeswehr – German Air Force

In general, very good training provided by trainers with impressive knowledge about simulation and regulation related to simulators…

Lieutenant Colonel Thorsten Engelhardt
Bundeswehr - German Air Force

Lufthansa Aviation Training

Thank you very much for conducting the course in Vienna (at our facility), I had a very positive Feedback regarding the contents of the course.

Alexander Samec Head of FSTD LAT AT
Lufthansa Aviation Tarining

Hong Kong Airlines Academy

Highly experienced team of instructors.  Very well laid out: broken down nicely.
For me, the whole course was excellent, a great 6 days…

Captain Jason Bowers - Training Captain
Hong Kong Airlines


How knowledgeable were the Instructors on their subjects?

Actually, I do not know if you can find more knowledgeable and experienced people in the topic than our instructors!  They could quickly make the connection for us between rules/regulation and practice…

Zoltan Osvath
NATO E3-A AWACS Instructor Pilot

Singapore Technologies Aerospace Academy

In my long aviation career, your course has been the best.  Thank you also for your ongoing support and dedication…

Capt. Chira Fernando - Head of Training
Singapore Technologies Aersospace Academy

Airbus Asia Training Centre

The instructors were super knowledgeable. Truly an honour to be amongst so much experience.  This has been a very memorable course and an experience that I will remember for the rest of my life as I go on in my career…

Joachim LEE - Quality Support Specialist
Airbus Asia Training Centre (AATC)


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